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Best Universities in Turkey 2022-2023 for International Students


Best Universities in Turkey 2022-2023:

Indeed, there are many universities in Turkey. So, to help you better choose your university destination, we will help you know the best universities in Turkey for international students.

Definitely, getting a chance to study in Turkey is like a dream come true. Studying abroad at a prestigious university is the dream of so many students.

1. Boğaziçi University

Boğaziçi University is located in Istanbul, Turkey. Boğaziçi University’s vision is to be a leading institution of higher education, one that shapes the future through being a pioneer in education, teaching, and research. The primary tenets of our vision are to

  • Enrich the education and teaching experiences with innovative and creative approaches;
  • Strengthen the culture of science, research, creativity, and innovation to become one of the leading research universities in the world; and to
  • Contribute to shaping a better future through our academic, scientific, and cultural activities.

It is home to one of the biggest research facilities available to both local and international students alike. They also offer numerous undergraduate degrees and teach certain subjects in English. Boğaziçi University is considered one of the best university in Turkey for international students.

2. Middle East Technical University

METU’s mission is to attain excellence in research, education and public service for society, humanity and nature by nurturing creative and critical thinking, innovation and leadership within a framework of universal values.

The Middle East Technical University is located in Ankara, Turkey. This university is known for offering high-quality education in terms of engineering and natural science programs. It offers courses that are taught both in Turkish and English, and admits only a small percentage of those who take their entrance examinations due to the high demand and limited slots. Middle East Technical University is also one of the best universities in Turkey.

3. Bilkent University

Bilkent University – the first private, nonprofit university in Turkey – was founded on October 20, 1984, by Professor İhsan Doğramacı, M.D., with the fundamental aim of creating a center of excellence in higher education and research. The name “Bilkent” exemplifies this aim, since it is an acronym of “bilim kenti”: Turkish for “city of learning and science.” The University campus is located off the main highway to Eskişehir, west of the center of Ankara.

Bilkent University is a university that focuses on science and research and is considered one of the best universities in Turkey for international students. It has continued to provide excellent and quality education to its students, as evidenced by its recent World University Rankings. It has numerous structures and buildings dedicated to each type of area of study, as well as a large library where students can access more than thousands of data and sources for their education. In fact, Bilkent University’s library is considered to be one of the best and most complete libraries in the world.

Bilkent University | Best Universities in Turkey
Bilkent University | Best Universities in Turkey

4. Ankara University

Ankara University’s vision is to be an innovative university that conducts quality research, uses its knowledge and skills for the benefit of humanity and the country, and shapes the future by making a difference at a universal level.

Ankara University is a university located in the heart of the Ankara city, which makes it an advantageous university to be in because of its accessibility and integration in Turkish city life. It is part of the Erasmus program, making it more internationally competitive in the arenas of science and technology.

5. Hacettepe University

Hacettepe University, which was founded in 1967 continues its contributions to social development and universal values in the fields of science, technology and art with 16 Faculties, 15 Institutes, 4 Vocational Schools, 2 Colleges, 1 Conservatory, 98 Research and Application Centers as one of the leading universities in Turkey today.

Their mission is to educate students to become competent leaders in the areas of science, technology and arts. They aim to develop and educate through the use of certain basic principles that they uphold throughout a student’s stay in their university.

6. Istanbul Technical University

Istanbul Technical University is one of the oldest technical universities in the world and was established with the name of “Mühendishane-i Bahr-i Hümayun” by Sultan Mustafa the Third. ITU, the first technical university in Turkey, is identified with its engineering and architectural education.

The purpose of existence for the Istanbul Technical University is to expand the borders of knowledge and its applications in science, technology and art for contributing to the sustainable community.

Istanbul Technical University is one of the oldest universities in Turkey and is a good university for international students. It is an recognized globally for producing prominent and well-equipped professionals, and focuses its efforts on providing quality education in the areas of social sciences and engineering.

Best Universities in Turkey
Istanbul Technical University | Best Universities in Turkey

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7. Izmir Yuksek Teknoloji Enstitusu

The İzmir Institute of Technology (IZTECH) is a Turkish state university established in 1992 to offer higher education and carry out research in the fields of science and technology. The medium of instruction at this institute is English. They are currently the only internationally distinguished advanced technical university in Turkey. They established graduate programs in 1994 in the center of İzmir and began admitting students to undergraduate programs in 1998.

The campus relocated from the city center to the seaside town of Urla, İzmir in 1999. The institute owns approximately 8,600 acres of land, 32 acres of which are currently dedicated to education and research. Within Turkey, this university is known as “İzmir Yüksek Teknoloji Enstitüsü,” abbreviated as “İYTE.” The international name is İzmir Institute of Technology, or “IZTECH” and it is considered one of the best universities in Turkey.

8. Yildiz Technical University

Yildiz Technical University is one of the seven public universities situated in İstanbul besides being the 3rd oldest university of Turkey with its history dating back to 1911. It is regarded as one of the best universities in the Turkey, as well. This university has 11 Faculties, 2 Institutes, the Vocational School of Higher Education, the Vocational School for National Palaces and Historical Buildings, the Vocational School for Foreign Languages and more than 30,000 students.

9. Koç University

Koç University values and actively pursues a diverse campus, where different thoughts, cultures, values and personalities, not only co-exist, but also mutually contribute to the expansion of the individual and the collective.

Students who wish to apply as International Students must hold the nationality of a country other than Turkey (stateless citizens and refugees can also apply). The applicants must have successfully completed secondary education in Türkiye or at a school equivalent to that of a Turkish high school, or they must currently be in the last year of secondary education.

Best Universities in Turkey
Koç University | Best Universities in Turkey

10. Istanbul University

Istanbul University has obtained a new success through its innovation performance, technological competence, and entrepreneurial ability.

At the report of Patent Effect Company, where the patent applications of companies, institutions, universities and individuals operating in Turkey are analyzed and a technological competence map of Turkey is created; İstanbul University ranked at the top with 549 patent applications in the “First 10 Universities in Turkey” ranking. By this, Istanbul University has achieved a great success having leadership success in 7 areas and being in the top three in 6 areas.

Istanbul University is one of the oldest universities in Turkey, having been founded in as early as 1846. It offers programs in the areas of science, medicine, mathematics, astronomy, among others. It has a wide range of subjects to choose from, and is home to a rich history of professionals who have contributed to the fields of science and art. They have continuously developed their quality of education by providing new courses that keep up with modern developments, such as applied physics and modern sciences. Istanbul University is one of the best universities in Turkey.

11. Sabancı University

Sabancı University will enhance its leading and dynamic position in innovative education and research with transformative impact on science and society. The mission of Sabancı University is to develop internationally competent and confident individuals advancing and fostering knowledge in natural sciences and engineering along with humanities, social and management sciences through innovative trans-disciplinary research.

Sabanci University (SU) provides a fully English education backed by a world class faculty, it is also one of the top research universities in Istanbul, SU is the place to be with its strong scholarships, extensive exchange opportunities across the world, and an original model of education that gives students full freedom in choosing their area of study after enrollment. It is also considered one of the best universities in Turkey.

12. Atilim University

Founded in Ankara with the purpose of being a university which “provides quality education, produces science and technology, conducts research and enlightens the future of our country”, Atilim University takes firm steps to attain its target and even carry it one step further.

Atilim University is medium-sized having an enrollment range of: 6,000-6,999 students. Atilim University provides higher education service with 40 programs in the Schools of Engineering, Law, Management, Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, Arts and Sciences, Health Sciences, Civil Aviation and Directorate of Distance Education.

Besides the studies conducted in 14 Research Centers, 150 laboratories of Atilim University are utilized by students for research and training purposes. One of the research centers of Atilim University, Metal Forming Center of Excellence has the characteristics of being one of the most developed centers of Europe and the first and only research center in Turkey, and also one of the best universities in Turkey.

Best Universities in Turkey
Atilim University | Best Universities in Turkey

13. Erciyes University

Erciyes University) was Established in 1978, it is a public higher education institution located in the city of Kayseri. It was officially accredited by YÖK – Council of Higher Education), Erciyes University has 18 faculties, 4 colleges, 9 vocational schools, 7 institutes and more than 37 research centers. They have a very large well developed research hospital (Gevher Nesibe Hospital) and also a Heart and Vascular Diseases Hospital, Organ Transplant and Dialysis Hospital, Oncology Hospital, Children’s Hospital and Bone Marrow Transplantation and Stem Cell Therapy Center are among the most influential health facilities in the region.

14. Gebze Technological University

Gebze Technical University (GTU) was established upon the foundations and experience of Gebze Institute of Technology (GIT) with the decree dated 4 November 2014 of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, interiting and embracing GIT’s 22-year heritage. With its infrastructure, capacity, and academic staff, GTU is one of the young but experienced universities in Turkey, set to become the most prominent scientific hub of the country and one of the best universities in Turkey.

Gebze Technical University has adopted providing world-class undergraduate and graduate education, conducting fundamental and applied scientific and technological research, and publishing the results of its research in reputable international journals and books as its core reasons for existence.

15. Istanbul Aydın University

Istanbul Aydın University is a private university founded on May 18, 2007, in Istanbul, Turkey by extension of its predecessor, the vocational college of Anadolu BIL that existed since September 26, 2003. The university is a technology center built on an area of 175,000 m². It is considered one of r=the best universities in Turkey.

The mission of Istanbul Aydın University is:

To be an institution that serves the community via education which puts forward world class basic, applied and interdisciplinary research and proficiency in professions that accelerates the transformation of information into product with an infrastructure keeping up to date technologically that is required for education, training and researches at the top level.

Istanbul Aydın University adopts an understanding of excellence in education.
Their vision is to become a higher education institution where​ sustainable innovation prevails and individuals who will be beneficial to humanity are educated by gaining vocational competences in education programs keeping up with the changes.

istanbul aydin uni
Istanbul Aydın University | Best Universities in Turkey

16. Gazi University

Gazi University is a public university primarily located in Ankara, Turkey. It was established in 1926 by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk as Gazi Teacher Training Institute.

Their mission is to educate individuals that can lead society, respect national, spiritual, cultural, and human values; to contribute to the life-long education and development process of the society by generating knowledge with pioneer research, sharing and transforming it to real life. Gazi University is one of the best universities in Turkey.

17. Dokuz Eylül University

Dokuz Eylül University (DEU) has a long and proud history of being a hub of research and education in Turkey, particularly in the Aegean Region since its foundation in 1982. It is one of the largest universities of Turkey with 70.081 students from all over Turkey and 1.366 foreign students from 111 countries study. Though its distinguished position in Turkish Higher Education area, Dokuz Eylül University intends to foster its global presence in education and research and to become a key player in the global knowledge network.

Dokuz Eylül University was selected as one of the 20 pilot universities by Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK) in 2018.

18. Bilgi University

Adopting the principle of “learning not for school but for life”, İstanbul Bilgi University took its place within the Turkish system of higher education as a civil corporation after the application made by the BİLGİ Education and Culture Foundation on 7 June 1996 and the subsequent approval by the Turkish Grand National Assembly according to Law number 4142.

19. Marmara University

Marmara University is one of the oldest educational institutions in Turkey. Established on 16 January, 1883 under the name Hamidiye Ticaret Mekteb-i Âlisi, and affiliated with the Commercial, Agriculture, Forestry and Mining industry, Marmara University began its life in a house behind the Istanbul High School for Girls in Cağoğlu.

Marmara University has rapidly expanded, providing education-training and research activities from 1982 on, in the faculties, institutes, schools and vocational schools and research-implementation centers. In addition to education and training, the University has developed in social services, giving great importance to publishing and consultancy projects; in this century when the industrial society has been replaced by the information society, in keeping with the demands of society, the university has made contributions to the development of man power and technology as needed by the country; the education approach of providing solutions to economic, political, cultural and similar problems of the university has been represented at home and abroad. Marmara University is one of the best universities in Turkey.

20. Çankaya University

Çankaya University is a private university in Ankara, Turkey. It was established on July 9, 1997 by the Sıtkı Alp Education Foundation. The university began its teaching in the Fall 1997 semester. Sıtkı Alp is the chairman of the board of trustees.

Çankaya University possesses 5 faculties with 23 departments; 2 institutes with 28 postgradute master programs and 10 Ph.D programs; 2 vocational schools with 3 programs; and one English preparatory school to support English language education and it is one of the best universities in Turkey.

21. Medipol University

Istanbul Medipol University manifests its quality education and research with its successful place in the rankings listed by the world’s most respected higher education ranking agencies.

Medipol, which has strengthened its quality by fulfilling its accreditation processes in 2019, ranked in many university rankings such as Times Higher Education (THE), University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP), Scimago, Round University Ranking (RUR), Webometrics and U-Multirank. Istanbul Medipol University is one of the famous and best universities in turkey.

22. Bahçeşehir University

Bahçeşehir University expects to be the leading force regionally and nationally in the enhancement of knowledge. Bahceşehir University aims to educate students who are committed to promoting respect for the rights of others, who are considerate and appreciative of human differences, and of the constructive expression of ideas. It is also considered one of the best universities in Turkey.

23. University of Anatolia (Anadolu University)

Eskişehir Academy of Economic and Commercial Sciences, founded in 1958, formed the basis of Anadolu University. The Academy was replaced by Anadolu University in 1982, which has gained a well-deserved place as a modern, dynamic and innovative institution among the largest universities in Turkey and also in the world.

Situated in the center of Eskişehir, which is well-known as a city of science, culture and youth, its campus houses 12 faculties (undergraduate level) – three of which offer distance education, 3 applied schools – one of which is of music and drama, 2 vocational schools (associate level), 6 graduate schools – four of which are graduate and postgraduate level, and 30 research centers. It is one of the best universities in Turkey.

24. Çukurova University

Cukurova University, Faculty of Agriculture was established pursuant to Act dated February 13,1969 and numbered 1099 and Faculty of Medicine was established pursuant to Act dated April 12, 1972 and numbered 1578 and it is one of the best universities in Turkey.

Çukurova University | Best universities in Turkey

25. Mersin University

Mersin University was established with the Law No. 3837 adopted by the Turkish Grand National Assembly on 3 July 1992 and started its activities on 10 November 1992.

In the academic year of 1993-1994, Mersin University started its education by admitting students to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, School of Tourism and Hotel Management , Mersin Vocational School, Gülnar Vocational School, Mut Vocational School, Tarsus Vocational School and Institute of Science and Social Sciences which will carry out postgraduate programs.

Since its establishment; Mersin University has increased the number of its faculties to 16, the number of its colleges to 7, the number of its vocational schools to 11, the number of its institutes to 5, and the number of its research centers to 34. Mersin University is also one of the best universities in Turkey.

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